Visit to the Estate Salto al Cielo

Our most iconic ride goes from our stable through the sunflower fields, the roe deer and partridge land to the highest point of our property. From here you can take in the view of the estate Salto al Cielo. Salto al Cielo translates to «jump to the heaven» as this was where the monks of the Carthusian monastery would come to live their final days before going to heaven.
It’s a sincere and tranquil paradise with a church dating back to the 17th century as a majestic centrepiece. This is the very heart of the Lopez de Carrizosa family, and where the first breeding of the Andalusian horse was conducted.
The ride includes tapas and a visit to our private bodega, home to one of the world’s oldest Sherries! This ride can be done with all levels of riders, but we recommend it from intermediate and up - and always during sunset or sunrise.

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