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AlcantarA Ecuestre is entirely dedicated to the world of horses. It is situated 10 kilometres outside Jerez de la Frontera, in the middle of a rich agricultural land with corn, cotton, cattle, beetroot, sunflowers and vineyards.



AlcantarA Ecuestre arose from Alfonso´s dream to “live by and for the horse”. Alfonso is a genuine man of the countryside who has dedicated his life to horses. Full of wisdom and Andalusian charm, he has made AlcantarA a place to enjoy his passion, the horse. He makes his knowledge about this wonderful animal available to everyone.
His horses, mostly of Spanish breed, eagerly await you. He personally trains them to be highly responsive, friendly and versatile. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, you will have a horse suited to you, your level and desires.



The Lopez Carrizosa family is one of the oldest and noblest of Jerez de la Frontera. Alfonso´s father is the current Conde de Peraleja. Thus, with Alfonso you can visit one of the most emblematic estates in the area. There, the Carthusian monks conducted the breeding of the famous branch of Andalusian horse, the Carthusians. One of Spain´s oldest private bullfighter rings can be seen there as well as sherry of excellent quality.
The family of Alfonso is one of the owners of the winery Lustau. This is among the oldest and most important wineries in Jerez. The bodega of Lustau produces the highest premiered sherry in the world. Alfonso would be happy to arrange a visit for you to this amazing venue.
Alfonso is married to Rocío De La Calle who works with him at AlcantarA Ecuestre. They have two daughters, Paloma and Belén who are both excellent riders.
With us your riding experience will not be just another fantastic day in the countryside – it will become part of your history.


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