AlcantarA Ecuestre


Alfonso Lopez de Carrizosa has made sure that AlcantarA Ecuestre is a paradise for riders and horse lovers.

We offer focused lessons for riders of all levels inside the arena and beautiful hacks on our land.


The lessons at AlcantarA Ecuestre are pure bliss because of the quality of the instructor, horses and facilities. We have a dressage arena, a jumping arena and a round pen for beginner riders and horse training.
The number of riders per lesson is very limited. You can also choose to have private lessons one to one. Alfonso trains clients in all disciplines of riding, especially dressage and doma vaquera.
In dressage, shoulder-in, half pass, leg yield, pirouettes, piaffe and passage, and obviously Spanish walk, are all exercises available to the more experienced rider. Alfonso has a watchful eye and unique feeling with the horses. He also understands what each rider needs and always makes the lessons enjoyable and unforgettable.


Hacks in the countryside


Hacks in the countryside

Our memorable hacks offer you the experience of riding a proper horse from Jerez, accompanied by an authentic Jerezano in varied and rich scenery. Our hacks are carefully designed to suit our guests.

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